Untitled Emotions


At times I just wana be left alone, alone to
mourn the death of my soul, for no love is
shown, hence I have grown.
I’m constantly picking up the pieces just to be
at peace. Who exactly am I trying to please??
It’s become  a disease trying to express my feelings in a room packed with chinese.
I’m witnessing my spirit’s cremation, I’ve since
put my emotions on probation, Im sick of this
frustration, memories of molestation be my
latest provocation. This calls for arbitration, a lil
bit of delegation or I swear I will opt for relocation.

Stepfathers on our radars, hoping they’d be our
saviors, but instead they prove to be failures,
then we’re out begging for favors, in the end
fokes be calling you a hater. If I wasn’t braver,
I’d be found in my chamber experimenting with that razor, 
but instead I’m dreaming of being a tailor…

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Science vs Religion

Sc vs Rel

Trapped in the midst of confusion with all these illusions while searching for the conclusion. We are introduced and re-introduced to new theories of ancient history. Scientists are still testing the hypothesis, questioning the birth, the death and rebirth of the Son of Man, therefore deemed the antichrist. They talk of the ancestral protist that gave rise to modern species. Missionarists on a mission causing divisions in persuit of unity, with one’s beliefs always under scruitiny. Churches tryna reclaim lost purity in a world so filthy. Conspiracies being unpacked before the eyes of the blind. Societies unknown to society claim to illuminate the hidden truth, but they too be stuck in a dark booth. What is myth, what is truth? Are we just another lost generation with too much education? Are we exposed to too much information with zero knowledge?


Introduction to I

Negative energies are my allergy

Unlimited potential is what I possess

Addicted to success I am

Excelling is a habit I have

Who are you to tell me otherwise,

clearly you aint wise.

Like an athlete in training,

I do my own blood doping.

I will soar with the eagles,

rise taller than a meadget,

stay humble like a saint,

while making ya’ll faint.

No I’m no magician

I just know my position

Yes I take 1st place, I’m past 1st base

and I’m not ’bout to slow my pace

Yeah go ahead and change face

and see if I care

when I come out, I cause a stare

I am a subject of envy

for I answer to no crying baby

with no runaway daddy.

I’m all ’bout being happy,

I’m wide open for fun

lol do excuse the pun

I’m just glowin’ like the morning sun…